viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011


this love...


Is angry.
Corversation in class
gaby: what your name?
owuin: my name is owuin masyrubi. And you?
gaby: my name is gaby bozo. Where are you from?
owuin: I’m from maracaibo and you?
gaby: I’m from Maracaibo
gaby: what do you do?
owuin: I’m student at URBE
gaby: what is your email address?
owuin: it’s
gaby: what do you do for fun?
owuin: I like watch movies and go to the pool and you?
gaby: I like out with my friends
owuin: mmm...! nice to meet you
gaby: nice to meet you too

My blog

Hi ! This is my blog in English class N311. I hope to learn much with this tool as it is very dinamyc. My name is gabriela bozo, I'm study  in URBE .I has 22 years old. I like read,listen to music,out going with friends, learn new things and spend time with family  I hate arguing with my parents and sisters, smokin, cooking, cleaning and failing a test. My dream are graduating, playing soccer in the first divsion, having a wife and kids and have great succes. I live in Ojeda City in state Zulia. My free time playing video game, out eat with my girlfriend and i exercise. I'm young.I'm average height about 173 cm.I'm slim. I have long , staight , darkbrown hair.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

hello welcome to my english blog

Mi Nombre es Gabriela Bozo. Soy de la Ciudad de Maracaibo. Tengo 21 Años y Estudio Derecho en la URBE.Estoy en El Nivel 2 de Con Inglish la maestra Doris Molero. Mis favoritos subjeds hijo Penales Que


Owuin: Hi,.gabriela
Gabriela: Hi.owuin. Come in.
Owuin: Thanks. Hey , this is a nice a hause
Gabriela: Yeah, and it is only 350 bs
 Owuin: Really? Thast is not bad !how many rooms are there?
Gabriela: There are five. There is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bethroom,and my bedroom
Owuin: Is there a garage?
Gabriela: No, but there's a small year
Owuin:That;s great

My Hause
I lave in a hause. In my hause: There are two rooms. a levingroom, a kichen, a bathroom and two bedroom.There ovso a  yeard

My favorite room'

My favorite room is my bedroom
It's big, fresh, bright and confortable.
There's a desk next to my win dow.


Preposition of place

In the of the room, there is a large rug. Next to the wall on the right, there is a bed. There is a tennis racket between the bed and the wall. There is a soccer ball in fromof the bet. Thereis a computer on the desk . Ashley's glasses are next to the computer. Next to her glasses on the left is a vase. There are flowers in the vase. Her dog is sleeping under the desk.

What are you wearing

Im wearing a black jeans, a high heeis,a jeadri,
a blouse.

My  family

Person to Person

My name is Gabriela bozo
Ido have pizza for breakfast
I go to school at 1:00
I speak to inglish at school
I do her homework in class
I usualli have 40-50 e-meils in the morning check e-meil from 7:00
I go to bed at 11:00

What does he do?
He is a transportist
Where is he from?
He is from maracaibo city
 What is owuin like?
He is smart
 What is her name?
Her name is owuin
What can he do?
He can Christmas

What does he do?
He is a ingeniery
Where is he from?
He is from maracaibo city
 What is oscar like?
He is creative
What is her name?
Her name is oscar
What can he do?
He can what t.v

What does he do?
She is a estudies
Where is she from?
She is from maracaibo city
 What is gabriela like?
She is ougoing
What is sher name?
Sher name is gabariela
What can she do?
She can play

What does he do?
He is a baby happy
Where is he from?
He is from maracaibo city
 What is gabriel like?
He is funny
What is her name?
Her name is gabriel
What can he do?
He can pley